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Happy Birthday!

be kind street art in nyc

Edit 8.21.11: I’m flattered to see that over 800 of you have reblogged this photo! Consider buying a print of it to help keep this site alive? Thanks!

Edit 11.13.11: 1656 and counting!

Today marks the one year birthday of! 365 posts & pictures. Originally I had planned to do something a lil more fancy, but instead I find myself sick as a dog on my couch. Ugh. So it goes, eh? 🙂 I chose today’s shot for several reasons, the least of which is that it invokes Conan O’Brien’s amazing farewell speech. (unlike conan, however, I won’t be receiving several million dollars in severance to stop this site only to continue at another domain a few months down the line. I’ll be back tomorrow as always.) Thanks for joining me on this lil ride!

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