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Tim Burgess

tim_burgess_charlatans_uk_bowery_ballroom.jpg © 2010 . All rights reserved.

A shot from last week’s Charlatans U.K. show here in NYC. The boys put on a great, great, show but unfortunately for them (and their fans) it’ll be their last one for a while. Get well soon Jon!


interpol_bowery_ballroom.jpg © 2010 . All rights reserved.

Shot in 2007, this is one of my earlier concert photography shots. I figured that since they have a new tour and video out that it would be just a good time as any to re-post it.

Art Brut

© 2009 . All rights reserved.

My photos of Art Brut from last’s night show @ Bowery Ballroom can be seen here!

The Duke Spirit

duke-spirit-bowery.jpg © 2009 . All rights reserved.

Liela Moss of The Duke Spirit. Taken from a larger group of photos which I never ended up posting. Bad Redboy, bad.