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Up, Down, Turn Around

photos of new york city street art

This site turned four years old the other day. Sorry that I haven’t updated as often as usual but I’ve been preoccupied with a super-secret-super-cool project. I’m still out there shooting as much as usual and have a tonnnnnn of stuff to post when I finally get a moment to breathe. In the meantime you can always keep up with me over on Instagram or ze tweetie. I thank you all, as always, for checking out my work.


  1. JJ

    Congrats on 4 years! Looking forward to your big reveal on this super-secret-super-cool project.

    Also, that’s the corner of 11th and 4th, right? I’ve taken quite a few shots there myself.

  2. Mister B

    Hey. Congrats for the 4th bday ! That’s amazing !
    I’m checking this site for long time now, and never disappointed ! Your stuff is hype and pretty cool ! You’re really talented.
    Hope you the best. Keep workiiing ! 🙂
    (First ost for me! Haha)

  3. Mister B

    Stranger ? =) Well, I think i would love to be one in NYC ! “One day” as they say !
    By the way, keep it cool ! France is watching this ! Haha

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